Best PDF editor MAC

Best PDF editor MAC: A Much Needed Software of File Users

MAC OSX these days comes with the various applications and software’s to perform almost all the tasks that normal windows based PC can perform. All these applications come out daily and most of them are available for free.  They can be easily installed from the apple app store in very little time. The world of Mac has long been aloof of the capabilities to satisfy the daily user. Hence, in the recent few years, engineers at Apple have started working towards making the Mac more broad based and usable.

Reading and editing of PDF files are a very essential function. Various different paid or free applications are available in the app-store for the same. Choosing the best pdf editor MAC OS  is a difficult task but, keeping in mind all the features and also facts like price and availability; ‘Preview’ apple’s inbuilt PDF editor and reader can be considered the best for the platform. It comes with a variety of features and most importantly, it is available free of cost. It has seen by various updates and upgrades till the latest MAC OS X Mountain Lion and is now working at its best.

Wondershare is also one amazing software you can consider using and both free and paid versions are available for use and it is for sure that once you have used the free version, which itself is too good to be available for free, you will definitely want to paid version which is loaded with amazing functionality and features.

Mac’s own PDF editor also comes with various very impressive features apart from the general ability to read and edit PDF files. It also helps to view and edit images in addition to PDF files. It can highlight, annotate and mark-up PDFs in several different ways. It provides extremely fast search and performance. A very impressive feature of the Preview is the webcam signature which helps us to add signatures to the documents. For this one can write the signature on a plain paper and place it in front of the webcam. The preview would generate a high quality copy of the same on the document. This can be very useful in making the documents unique.

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